Automotive Recyclers Applaud Federal Trade Commission Action on Repair Restrictions

ARA is applauding a July 21, 2021 vote by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to increase enforcement against repair restrictions. The unanimous vote (5-0) on a policy statement that prioritizes investigations into unlawful repair restrictions was taken during an open Commission meeting during which ARA and others in the automotive replacement parts industry participated.

“The ARA has been in recent communication with the FTC about the unfair and deceptive campaigns undertaken by auto manufacturers to push ROE – Recycled Original Equipment ® parts out of the market,” said ARA President, Scott Robertson. “This FTC decision, coming on the heels of President Biden’s Executive Order which called on the FTC to institute rules to curb anti-competitive restrictions that limit consumers’ repair choices, sends a strong message to the manufacturers that they are not the only game in town.”

“The misinformation campaigns and barriers to consumer choice that automotive recyclers have fought for years are finally getting recognized at the highest levels of our federal government,” said ARA Executive Director, Sandy Blalock. “We are encouraged by these positive steps forward to restoring consumer choice in how their vehicle is repaired.” The FTC policy statement specifically focuses on targeting enforcement of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and other repair restrictions that violate antitrust laws or use deceptive practices.