Auto Recyclers Announce Legislative Successes in Colorado and Iowa

Recent State Successes Target Illegal Entities and Flood Damaged Cars

Automotive recyclers in Iowa, led by ARA affiliate chapter Iowa Auto Recyclers (IAR), were instrumental in getting legislation passed and signed into law recently that will now require anyone advertising as being engaged in the business of selling vehicle bodies, parts of bodies, frames, or component parts of used vehicle be licensed as a used vehicle parts dealer.  Anyone advertising as being engaged as a vehicle rebuilder must also be licensed to do so with the state.

Iowa’s new law goes into effect on July 1.  ARA congratulates IAR and all automotive recyclers in the state on this important step forward in helping law enforcement efforts against unlicensed individuals and those seeking to illegally engage in the business of buying and selling salvage title vehicles, parts and rebuilding vehicles.

In Colorado, legislation has been sent to the Governor’s office that will establish for the first time a definition of flood damaged vehicles in the state as well as require a title brand for those vehicles.  Members of ARA affiliate chapter Colorado Auto Recyclers (CAR), along with ARA members and other stakeholders successfully built a strong coalition over the past several months that was able to garner substantial legislative support for the adoption of a flood damaged vehicle definition.  Auto recyclers in Colorado were also successful in their efforts to introduce a bill seeking to remove the state’s current provision that a motor vehicle is not considered salvage if it is at least 6 years old when damaged.  There is broad support for House Bill 1299, which has also been sent to the Governor’s office for signature.  To see a local Denver news story about the bill, please click here.

Congratulations to Colorado Auto Recyclers on these significant legislative accomplishments.