NMCARA Holds Third Annual Recycling Summit

Recyclers were out in force this weekend at the 3nd annual New Mexico Recycling Summit and Training in beautiful Albuquerque for educational seminars, training, facility tours and networking. This year’s event was hosted by LKQ of New Mexico and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to tour the facility as well as visit with NMCARA Outgoing President Bill Blalock and his employees.

The morning’s training sessions kicked off with industry favorite, DJ Harrington, who spoke about how to keep team members and staff motivated. DJ was followed by JC Cahill of Brown’s Auto Salvage in Winchendon, Massachusetts, who spoke about the impact that positive communication can have on a business. Attendees then had a variety of seminars and product demonstrations to choose from on topics ranging from hybrid vehicle safety, marketing, OSHA and hazardous waste safety, to inventory management system presentations.

Following lunch with the trade show exhibitors, seven nearby auto and metal recycling yards opened their doors to NMCARA members for two hours of facility visits–always an enjoyable and insightful experience. Afterwards, everyone met back at the host facility to hear from ARA CEO Michael Wilson about recent ARA activities. Wilson highlighted the development of ARA Product Services’ ARADirect online auction, recent state counterfeit airbag legislation, along with this past week’s NHTSA’s recall database rule.

Following a day of valuable dialogue and training, there was an evening reception and dinner, highlighted by a visit from New Mexico State Senator Michael Padilla (D). Padilla is a supporter of the professional automotive recycling community in New Mexico and spoke about the huge automotive recycling constituency in his district and his desire for job creation by legitimate businesses. The evening concluded with the auction of a Belize trip donated by Lamb Fuels, to benefit the NMCARA Good Government Fund. A special thanks to Terry and Mary Mandel for the winning bid. Thanks to everyone who attended!